Consulting & Sales for New Housing Projects

We offer a full service package for the sale of your residential property projects, from the selection of land suitable for development right until the occupation of the apartments sold.


Significant number of -sometimes unpublished – land offers

Otthon Centrum Csoport sells most of the newly built homes in the agency market.

Understanding attention, quality customer service and expert advice are our main focus.

We share a common goal with our clients: to make the project a success and maximize profits.

Our group has been selling newly built apartments and development plots since 2001. Over the last 20 years we have been involved in a large number of projects, both as a sales agent and as a consultant.

Out of these we have sold more than 50 of these projects as an exclusive agent.

In the last three years we have worked on 15 projects as sales agents and a further 19 projects as consultants.

In total, we have managed the sale of 7,900 new homes up to occupation.
In addition to all this, we have sold over 8,000 newly built apartments and plots under non-exclusive contracts in our network.

Our sales agents are highly qualified real estate sales professionals with 9-20 years of experience in newly built houses, with a reliable knowledge of all the relevant technical, legal and financing issues.

Our continuous training keeps abreast of market changes and we apply sales techniques accordingly.

We are able to sell new homes to a high number of OC’s 60,000 registered clients who are looking for second-hand housing.

Our client base also includes a large number of buyers who regularly purchase flats from our projects for investment purposes, even in packages at times.

Exclusive sale of units in newly built condominiums, apartment complexes and land parcels.


Human Resources:

  • No need to hire your own staff.
  • No significant wage, salary and other fixed costs.
  • The investor is relieved of the responsibility and risks associated with having its own staff.
  • The sale of the project is guaranteed to be handled by experienced real estate sales staff.


  • Sales are in one hand and there are measurable, clear lines of responsibility.
  • In case of bank financing, the involvement of OC Investment Solutions is an additional guarantee for the funding bank.


  • We apply well-developed sales techniques, sales motivation and control systems to the sales staff, saving the developer considerable time and money.
  • We always assign the right resources to the task at hand. No unnecessary man-hours and marketing costs to pay for.
  • Our backend allows us to detect market changes faster than anyone else. We are the quickest to react to market changes by measuring marketing effectiveness
  • We also reach a large number of prospective customers that only a large network can provide.
  • All prospective buyers are immediately entered into our system.

Not a single potential customer is lost!

This Is What We Offer:

  • Dedicated sales team. Dedicated team of sales agents, credit advisors, assistants
  • Project management – one-stop contact with clients
  •  Transparent, controllable and accountable sales strategy and schedule
  •  Continuous feedback and analysis
  •  Prominent presence on online advertising platforms owned by Otthon Centrum
  •  Synchronised advertising on 28 advertising portals, as well as on the sites of the largest real estate franchise networks
  •  Optimised database with up-to-date matching of recorded buyer needs with available properties
  •  Newsletters for registered search clients, followed by telephone follow-up
  •  196 Otthon Centrum franchise offices receive regular information
  •  On-site visits for sales staff, sales support presentations
  •  Otthon Centrum’s collaboration partnership programme engages the network of Duna House, GDN and Remax, as well as 359 smaller real estate agencies, for any sale under an exclusive contract
  •  Free automated call centre service 7 x 24 hours a week
  •  Regular reporting for efficient feedback and measurements
  •  Comprehensive customer management from the first contact to occupation
  • Personalised loan and CSOK management from 17 banks and financial institutions