Financial Institutions and Portfolios

Bank and factored real estate portfolio
– sale and management of mortgage-backed properties


We work with two different sales models

We are responsible for the valuation or appraisal and/or sale of real estate owned and held by the creditor.

The sale and/or valuation of the property of debtors who are unable to pay their loans but are cooperating in the sale of their property, with the supervision and approval of the lender.

Since the start of operations, the number of properties sold has exceeded 4,300.

Most of the bank properties in Hungary are sold in cooperation with OC Investment Solutions!


Budapest Bank
OTP Faktoring
K&H Bank
Ertse Bank
Erste Ingatlan
Erste Alap
CIB Recovery Zrt.
Erste Leasing
MKB Bank
Magnet Bank
Raiffeisen Bank
Ober Bank
AXON lízing
FHB Ingatlanlízing
FHB Életjáradék Zrt.

Aegon Magyarország Zrt
Merkantil Bank
Pesti Hitel Zrt
Korona Kredit Zrt
Unicredit Bank Zrt
Pannon Takarék Zrt
UCB Ingatlanhitel Zrt
Hypo Alpe-Adria
Leasing Zrt
Volksbank Magyarország Zrt
Raiffeisenbank Großwilfersdorf eGen