Online Property Auctions

The most effective way to sell a sought-after property.

Firstly, together with CIB Recovery Zrt, we conducted a highly successful online auction sales cycle for a significant number of properties. This was followed by our cooperation with Erste Leasing, and then by private and corporate clients of the Otthon Centrum network.

The auction sales process and the online interface are tailored to the parameters and ideas of our corporate clients.

Advantages Of Online Auctions

  • a process that is transparent for all stakeholders
  • sufficient time for the marketing campaign
  • all potential buyers have the opportunity to view and examine the full documentation of the property
  • all sales conditions are well regulated in advance
  • this form of sale offers the highest price

An online auction sale enabled us to sell an agricultural property advertised for HUF 95 million at HUF 162 million