Valuation and Market Analysis

Independent appraisals throughout the country


Information – Expertise – Ethics

At OC Investment Solutions’ Valuation Division, we work with qualified and experienced professionals. We have a nationwide network of valuers at the disposal of our clients, based on the entire supply and transaction database of the Home Centre network and a significant amount of real market information.

When Will You Need a Valuation?

  • When you want to sell a property, to determine a realistic sales price;
  • Before you want to buy a property, to check that the purchase price is realistic;
  • In family situations (e.g. as a basis for settlement between heirs, divorces, etc.),
  • When you want to take out a loan,
  • For businesses for accounting or other purposes.

For what types of properties do we provide valuations for?

  • Condominiums,
  • apartment buildings (detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, etc.),
  • holiday homes,
  • garages,
  • building plots,
  • commercial properties (office, accommodation, industrial, commercial), development sites,
  • other properties not falling into any of the categories above.

The Valuation of OC Investment Solutions is Independent

In all cases, we determine the current market value of the property.

We provide comprehensive valuations, drive-by, desktop and statistical valuations according to the client’s needs.

Market value: the estimated amount for which a property could change hands on the valuation date between a willing seller and an unrelated willing buyer, assuming an appropriate period of sale and a public offering, where the parties act in an informed, prudent and non-coercive manner.

What is the Valuation Process?

You let us know if you are interested in a valuation by e-mail, by phone or in person. We will discuss with you the details of the valuation, the fees and the necessary documents. In addition to valuations of development sites, our company is also available to carry out feasibility studies for residential property developments.

A Suggestion – Preparing a valuation report requires considerable expertise, time and effort. Be careful if you receive a valuation quote that is too cheap. You are highly recommended to ask for reference materials before making any decision.

Membership in Professional Bodies

Hungarian Real Estate Association (MAISZ)

Our work is covered by the liability insurance of Aegon Hungary General Insurance Zrt.


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Analysis –
Responding to the Challenges of a Changing Market

The changing economic, construction and tax environment has created new challenges for the entire real estate market, including property developers. The increased risk of residential property development can be managed through thorough market analysis and studies that accurately assess supply and demand. The hunger of market players for information is tangible, from one-off households buying homes, to investors taking advantage of market conditions, to property developers. The Analytical Division therefore constantly monitors changes in market trends, drawing on the sales experience accumulated by OC Investment Solutions and the Otthon Centrum franchise network with its nationwide coverage, its database, its own regular market research and primary data that can be purchased on the market.


  • Comprehensive national and regional analysis of the residential property market
  • Location and sector specific real estate market analysis, competitor assessment
  • Marketability-oriented analysis of specific project sites, determination of best use
  • Advice and consultation on product design
  • Definition of project target group and market needs
  • Determining and commenting on housing mix, floor plan, technical content

We have assisted the following companies with market analyses and feasibility studies to make their real estate development projects a success:

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