Consulting & Sales for New Housing Projects

We offer a full service package for the sale of your residential property projects
from the selection of land suitable for development right until the occupation of the apartments sold.
1. Jelentős számú -sok esetben a piacon nem publikus- telek ajánlatok!
2. Otthon Centrum Csoport sells most of the newly built homes in the agency market.
3. Értő figyelem, minőségi ügyfélkiszolgálás és szakértői tanácsadás
a fő fókuszaink.
4.We share a common goal with our clients: to make the project a success and maximize profits.

Exclusive sale of units in newly built condominiums
apartment complexes and land parcels.


Human Resources:
- No need to hire your own staff.
- No significant wage, salary and other fixed costs.
- The investor is relieved of the responsibility and risks associated with having its own staff.
- The sale of the project is guaranteed to be handled by experienced real estate sales staff.

- Az értékesítés egy kézben van és mérhető, egyértelmű felelősségi viszonyok vannak.
- Banki finanszírozás esetén az OC Investment Solutions bevonása extra garancia a finanszírozó számára.

We apply well-developed sales techniques, sales motivation and control systems to the sales staff, saving the developer considerable time and money.
- Mindig a megfelelő erőforrásokat rendeljük az adott feladathoz. -
- Nincs feleslegesen finanszírozott munkaidő és marketing költség.
- Our backend allows us to detect market changes faster than anyone else. We are the quickest to react to market changes by measuring marketing effectiveness.
- We also reach a large number of prospective customers that only a large network can provide.
- All prospective buyers are immediately entered into our system.
This Is What We Offer:

- Dedicated sales team. Dedicated team of sales agents, credit advisors, assistants
- Project management – one-stop contact with clients
- Transparent, controllable and accountable sales strategy and schedule
- Continuous feedback and analysis
- Prominent presence on online advertising platforms owned by Otthon Centrum
Synchronised advertising on 28 advertising portals, as well as on the sites of the largest real estate franchise networks
- Optimised database with up-to-date matching of recorded buyer needs with available properties
- Newsletters for registered search clients, followed by telephone follow-up
- 196 Otthon Centrum franchise offices receive regular information
- On-site visits for sales staff, sales support presentations
- Otthon Centrum’s collaboration partnership programme engages the network of Duna House, GDN and Remax, as well as 359 smaller real estate agencies, for any sale under an exclusive contract
- Free automated call centre service 7 x 24 hours a week
- Regular reporting for efficient feedback and measurements
- Comprehensive customer management from the first contact to occupation
- Personalised loan and CSOK management from 17 banks and financial institutions

Not a single potential
customer is lost!

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